INDEGROUP Myanmar ( Design, Protect, Commercialize )

Indegroup Myanmar  offers Intellectual Property (IP) and Innovation Consulting Services—ranging from brand and new product design, protection, and commercialization. With offices in Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar and ASEAN, our highly experienced team of IP lawyers and innovation strategists, brand designers, patent agents and engineers, and licensing and franchising specialists can help transform your ideas into your most valuable and sustainable products and services. We started business since 2019 and we are registered with DICA .

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Indegroup Myanmar  offers Intellectual Property (IP) and Innovation Consulting Services—ranging from brand and new product design, protection, and commercialization.

Currently, Registered companies in DICA ( DIRECTORATE OF INVESTMENT AND COMPANY ADMINISTRATION )  is over 68000 companies, There are multiple options to start help our clients set up businesses in Myanmar.Indegroup will not only guide our clients through the registration process, we will also analyze our client’s business needs to choose the best option to start their businesses in Myanmar.

INDEGROUP provide extensive company secretarial and administrative services by performing the following tasks:

Keep and maintain all the statutory books and records of the company.

Ensure proper keeping of all necessary returns with the Ministry of Commerce.

Process share transfers documentations and recordings.

Issue notices of meetings to shareholders as directed by the board of directors.

Preparation of the minutes of directors’ meeting and shareholders’ meeting based on the information that will be provided by the company.

Monitor, update and keep all Incorporated Documents.

Change Company Shareholders

Change/Remove Company Director

Change Registered Capital

Change Company Address

Change Company Name

Changing the Type  of Company

VAT application and Tax ID card.

Annual  Return Form

Work Permit and Visa


INDEGROUP has a team of professionals which with expertise in accounting and tax compliance, to provide service which complies with Thai, Myanmar laws to your company.

Accounting And Tax Service

INDEGROUP has a team of professionals with expertise in accounting and tax compliance, to provide service which complies with Thai ,Myanmar law to your company. Corporate tax included.

Open Bank Account

INDEGROUP has arrangements with various banks in Thailand and can make this process quick and easy, saving you the time and frustration.


With qualified international IP lawyers and registered trademark and patent agents in Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, and ASEAN, Indegroup companies provide a comprehensive suite of IP registration and protection services ranging from freedom-to-operate (FTO) search for your trademark or patent, trademark-ability and patentability analysis, trademark and patent filing, prosecution, and registration services in any markets or jurisdictions of your choice. We would also continuously monitor your registered trademark and patent and provide ongoing infringement and litigation supports and would perform appropriate legal actions whenever we see possible infringement risks happening to your IPs.



Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property and intangible assets are different from general assets. Hence, it is required to have careful and efficient management and protection in order to develop potentiality of creative works for globalization.

Digital and Technology Law

Presently, technology and internet are keys to changes and opportunities and they also cause risks and problems. Hence, it is important for entrepreneur whose business involves with technology to make plan and follow government policy.

Partnership and Company Law

For a business starter, we provide registration of juristic person, company seal, foreign business, work permit, investment promotion, and employment.

Dispute Resolution

INDEGROUP provides dispute resolution services: alternative dispute resolution by mediation and conciliation, and prosecution in court by professional and experienced lawyers.

Commercial and Business Law

INDEGROUP provides support for a smooth business operation and reduces possible risks. We will be in charge of trading issue, appointment of agents, contract negotiation, assets, and other commercial legal issues.


INDEGROUP provide License Registration Services for Foods, cosmetics, and Medical Devices as the prior step of entering the market in Thailand and Asean as follow:

  • FDA License
  • Registration of Import-Export Certificate
  • Registration of Commercial Tax Certificate
  • Recruitment Company License
  • Import & Export License
  • Alcohol License
  • Hotel License
  • School License
  • Tourism License
  • Direct Sale Business License
  • Restaurant Business License
  • Tobacco vendor License
  • Other Business Licenses

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